How to Boost Your Online Store Conversions with Veem and WooCommerce

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Does your online shop run on WooCommerce? We’ve got some nifty tools and strategies to ramp up your sales and conversions. The coolest part? They won’t eat up a ton of your time.

Sure, setting up shop on WooCommerce is a piece of cake, but let’s face it – getting folks to hit that “buy” button takes a bit more finesse.

No worries, though! With the right tools and strategies, you can turn your site into a powerhouse WooCommerce store that’s consistently ranking in sales and revenue. Let’s make your online store not just functional but a real sales magnet!

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin designed for WordPress, offering a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for small business owners looking to establish and manage online stores. Its integration with WordPress makes it accessible to those with limited technical expertise, and the platform’s flexibility allows for customization based on specific business needs.

How WooCommerce helps eCommerce merchants optimize online stores

WooCommerce is rapidly gaining popularity among eCommerce merchants around the globe due to its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and wide range of website integrations. Here’s what they have to offer:

  • Product Management: Easily add, edit, and organize your website products. This includes setting prices, managing inventory, and categorizing items.
  • Order Management: WooCommerce provides tools for managing customer orders, tracking order status, and handling refunds.
  • Payment Options: It supports a variety of payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and some more affordable alternatives like Veem or WooCommerce Payments.
  • Shipping Options: WooCommerce allows you to set up various shipping methods, including flat rate, free shipping, and real-time carrier calculations.
  • Extensions and Plugins: There’s a wide range of extensions and plugins available to enhance the functionality of your online store. These cover areas such as marketing, accounting, and customer support.
  • Community and Support: Being part of the WordPress ecosystem, WooCommerce has a large and active community. This means plenty of resources, forums, and tutorials are available for users.

While there are various ways for eCommerce merchants to leverage WooCommerce for online store management in general, to capitalize on website traffic, and to drive conversions, here are a couple of website optimization strategies to get started with.

1. Make products easy to find

Consider the frustration of navigating through a website, desperately seeking a specific product. To mitigate such challenges, optimizing your online store’s interface becomes imperative. A well-structured and user-friendly design not only enhances the overall shopping experience but also establishes a sense of trust and reliability.

Simplifying navigation and implementing intuitive search features significantly diminishes user frustration, reduces bounce rates, and concurrently elevates the likelihood of successful conversions.

WooCommerce Product Filters does exactly what the name implies: It adds advanced product filters to your site. With this plugin, customers can filter through your product catalog based on various categories including:

  • Color swatches
  • Image pickers
  • Color
  • Attributes
  • Checkboxes
  • Price
  • Size
  • Taxonomies
  • Stock
  • On sale
  • Rating
  • Tag/label clouds

The plugin automatically adds filters to your WooCommerce store pages. And you can also use a shortcode or widget to add filters anywhere else on your site.

WooCommerce Product Filters allows customers to filter products using multiple options at once. For example, customers can filter with category, color, price, and size at the same time. If the customer de-selects a filter, the plugin’s advanced logic instantly updates the options shown to them — this prevents frustration and provides a better user experience overall.

2. Optimize your checkout process

As more payment options become available, some customers may strongly prefer a particular payment method. If a customer’s preferred payment method is not available, they may leave their cart behind. In fact, a recent study by PayPal found that 59% of consumers abandoned their carts since their preferred payment method was unavailable.

To help prevent abandoned checkout, WooCommerce has partnered with Veem, providing eCommerce merchants with flexible payment collection options for both businesses and consumers. Veem easily integrates into any WooCommerce website for simple payment processing and management.

How it works:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Accept domestic and international payments
  • Get quicker access to funds with instant deposits
  • No transaction limits or card fees
  • Support available 24/7


3. Run abandoned cart email campaigns

Utilizing email marketing has consistently proven to be a reliable means of engaging with customers. Irrespective of the reasons behind customers abandoning their shopping carts, the effectiveness of cart abandonment email campaigns is evident in their ability to entice customers back, encouraging them to finalize their purchases and thereby enhancing sales within the WooCommerce platform.

AutomateWoo serves as a robust marketing automation tool that helps recover lost sales by sending reminders to customers who added items to their carts but did not complete the purchase. One standout aspect of this sales-boosting WooCommerce plugin is its ability to recall customers’ recent actions, allowing them to seamlessly resume their shopping experience from where they left off.

4. Offer digital and physical gift cards

During the holiday season, or any season for that matter, offering customers gift cards can be a strategic move for ecommerce businesses looking to drive more online store conversions. Gift cards serve as versatile presents, allowing recipients to choose products according to their preferences.

The Gift Card extension by Woo is a powerful plugin that handles the hard work of creating, selling, distributing and managing gift cards for your store. The plugin packs all the features that your customers value the most. With Gift Cards, they can:

  • Choose a delivery date in the future
  • Send a personal message to the recipient
  • Add multiple recipients
  • Choose a gift card variation to suit the occasion.

The plugin even comes with built-in reporting features where you can drill down into detailed transaction logs, edit gift certificates by sender, or recipient, and generate balance reports for issued, purchased, and expired codes.


To summarize, transforming your WooCommerce online store into a conversion powerhouse is within reach. From effective product management and seamless order processing to diverse payment options, WooCommerce offers a robust toolkit for success. Enhance user experience with WooCommerce Product Filters, minimize abandoned carts with Veem, and re-engage customers with the powerful marketing automation of AutomateWoo.



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