How to Exploit the Phenomenon of Hygge for your Small Business

Scandinavian ideas and ways of living are increasingly popular in America today. Concepts like Lagom and Hygge are omnipresent in bookshops, magazines, and online as well. Books like Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness by Marie Tourell Søderberg and The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking are topping the bestseller lists.

It seems that everybody wants a piece of Scandinavia. Regardless of the reason behind this phenomenon (maybe it’s because a Scandinavian country always ends up near the top of the list of the happiest countries in the world?), consumers are currently drawn to anything with a Scandinavian label on it.

Why not exploit this phenomenon and make the most of it for your small business?

What is hygge?

Hygge is a typical Danish concept, with roots reaching back for centuries. Pronounced hoo-gah or hue-gah, the word itself may be roughly translated to “cozy”. However, hygge means so much more than a simple word. As a concept, hygge could be described as a feeling of comfort or coziness while enjoying good food and great company. To give an example: sitting on a sofa and chatting with friends while drinking hot chocolate is very hygge.

Meik Wiking, a CEO from Copenhagen illustrates the concept in his Little Book of Hygge with this story:

It happened on a Christmas Day spent with friends in a woodsy cabin. After a hike in the snow, the friends sat around the fireplace wearing sweaters and woolen socks, listening to the crackle of the fire, and enjoying mulled wine. One friend asked, “Could this be any more hygge?” Everyone nodded when one woman replied, “Yes, if a storm were raging outside.”

How to incorporate hygge into your business?

Once you understand the concept, you can start exploring ideas about how you could use the hygge-mania to your advantage (apart from enjoying it in your spare time, of course).

Market your products with the idea of hygge

The concept is broad and could incorporate a wide range of goods. Many end user products can contribute to hygge, including blankets, food, cosmetics, stereo equipment, handicrafts, even motor vehicles (who wouldn’t want a cozy yet powerful car?) The list is endless. Brainstorm ideas and choose the ones that would appeal to your customers.

Create time for hygge

Make the most of coffee and lunch breaks in the office. Give yourself and your employees five minutes to unwind with a steaming cup of coffee and a cookie, and transform a necessity of human life into a treasured office ritual. If you “market” coffee breaks to your employees as a special time for hygge, it will likely boost their spirits and increase your small business’ productivity for the rest of the day.

Import products from the home of hygge

Sourcing goods from overseas is a great idea for small businesses to boost their competitiveness and cut costs. Denmark is an excellent source of high quality goods. Whether food products, furniture, pharmaceuticals or machinery, Denmark is famous for providing great quality paired with exceptional service.

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