Becoming a Trusted Tech Stack Advisor

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More and more, the practice of accounting is becoming intrinsically intertwined with fintech. CPAs, bookkeepers and other accounting professionals looking to distinguish themselves in the eyes of their clients need to not only embrace these technologies: they need to master them. In addition to accounting insights, small businesses are also looking for you to become their trusted tech stack advisor.

What does it mean to be a tech stack advisor?

In the same way accounting professionals serve as financial advisors, businesses are increasingly seeking their advice and expertise when it comes to building out a back office. Namely, they’re looking for someone to set up core accounting software, integrate it across the business’ tech stack and create automations that ensure seamless financial oversight. For businesses even earlier in the process, it might mean investigating products based on their pricing, functionality, reputation and applicability.
In a nutshell, businesses are looking for accountants who are as knowledgeable about modern accounting systems as they are the discipline of accountancy. Becoming a financial tech stack advisor means creating a comprehensive business back office.

How to become a fintech authority

There’s been an explosion of fintech over the past decade. To position yourself as a trusted tech stack advisor, it’s crucial to understand both sides of the equation: the technologies available and how they fit into the niche needs of clients. Here are a few tips:

  • Get familiar with leading platforms. From accounting software like QuickBooks to digital payment solutions like Veem, it’s important to have a working familiarity with industry-leading tech and how it fits into a business’ tech stack.
  • Leverage advisory into core services. Businesses already know you’re an accountant. Leverage tech stack advisory services into your offering and position yourself as a capable expert who can identify plug-and-play software solutions.
  • Build case studies and examples. Don’t just tell businesses how an improved tech stack can help them—show them. Quantify the benefits of a tech-enabled back office and give businesses a reason to seek your expertise as an advisor.
  • Become a certified user or expert. Many fintech apps offer certification courses. Take them and use the certification to distinguish yourself as an authority. Businesses will feel confident working with someone who can work efficiently to help them adopt tech.

Explore the synergies of a tech-focused back office

Delivering truly valuable support to your clients goes beyond recommending or implementing fintech solutions—it comes from integrating them. Even a startup business might have dozens of apps that power it! Connecting these technologies into a fully functional back office will immediately solidify you as an invaluable partner.

To create synergy, accounting professionals need to explore technologies in the periphery of financial software. This can include (but isn’t limited to):

  • Tax preparation and filing software
  • Document management and e-signature platforms
  • Secure document exchange systems
  • Practice or project management software
  • Team communications software
  • Client relationship management (CRM) software
  • Human resources and employee management platforms

Each of these types of software has a tangential relationship to fintech and an established role in the company’s broader back office. Familiarity with these systems and the ability to weave them together will solidify your role as more than an accountant. You’ll become the business’ de-facto tech stack advisor.

Veem helps you establish your expertise

Looking to branch out beyond traditional accounting, to embrace the invaluable role as a trusted tech stack advisor? Veem can help.
Veem’s Accountant Partner Program provides a dedicated account manager who’s with you every step of the way, to ensure your business is set up for success. Accountants are also offered ongoing benefits through the program, such as earning $100 for every referred transacting client, qualifying for revenue share incentives, access to the Veem Advisor Certification and, 24/7 live support via chat, email or phone.

Veem is a true partner in any accountant’s success. Schedule time with Veem’s Accountant Specialist today.



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