Veem Shows Off API At First Developer Meetup

This week, we hosted our first developer meetup to present our new API.

T3 Advisors graciously let us use their workspace, and use it we did. It was packed with developers, business owners and people just interested in software integrations.

There was pizza, beer, and great conversations. It was a blast.

Cheung Tam, Veem’s Head of Platform Product, led the event and gave an informative presentation and great demonstration for attendees.

The experience is everything. Veem is all about ease, security and speed of global payments.

In developing our API, we needed to ensure that those same values were present. It allows us to further develop our network of businesses. The larger our network, the more customers we can verify, and the better our payments process becomes.These processes aren’t necessarily surfaced on the API front, but occur in the background regardless of platform use. That’s what sets Veem apart. It’s not just a platform, it’s end-to-end support and payment assurance. But, it wouldn’t be an API meetup without showing off our platform capabilities.

“The goal of this project, and this event, is to enable different platforms to use our payment capability without restricting it to our user experience. We want that process to be as seamless as possible to the benefit of the user, developer, and the business owner.”

Integrating with the Veem API means businesses receive all the functionality of using our payments platform within their own ecosystem.

Want to automate payments to one or multiple payees? We’ve got an API for that.

Need to facilitate buyer and supplier transactions? We’ve got an API for that.

Invoicing functionality, creating payments, payment status, payment approval and even finding quotes on foreign exchange rates. Yes, we have an API for that.

Our platform is simple and light. High speed of development means you get global payment capability in minutes. Plus, you can integrate it yourself.

We even provide documentation to help you through the process. Once you’ve successfully integrated, add a “Pay With Veem” button to polish off the integration. We provide those too.

But we’re not even close to finished.

As we develop our APIs further, we’re continuing to create functionality that eases the integration and payments process. A registration API is currently on the horizon to allow for seamless integration of our platform. No more jumping from site to site just to make a payment.

Our first meetup night was an opportunity not only to showcase what we’ve done, but to establish where we’re going. We had tons of great questions from attendees that highlighted their experience, and what we can do to improve it.

We’re not just building a payment experience. We’re building relationships between users, developers, and business owners.

We’d like to thank T3 Advisors once again for letting us use their beautiful space. We’d also like to thank everyone who attended and made this such an incredible experience.

The meetup was a huge success, and we can’t wait for the next one. Keep your eyes open for updates on our Meetup Group page!



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