Align Customer Profile: Your Remote Assistant

Traditional Payment Methods Hurt Business Productivity

Align Commerce, formally changed to Veem in 2017.

As the number of small businesses that choose Veem the as their preferred payment method continues to grow, we’ll be publishing occasional profiles of our customers here on our blog.

The first Veem user we’re highlighting is Your Remote Assistant, a provider of virtual administrative staffing for individuals and companies that have been in business since 2008.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Your Remote Assistant recruits and trains highly qualified professionals in the Philippines to provide services including executive assistance, customer support, back office support, sales assistance and recruitment.

CEO Alex Brutin said most of his initial clients were early-stage startups that needed high-quality assistants but did not have the budget for full-time personnel. But, as the company grew the client base became more diverse. Now a medium-sized business well out of the start-up phase, Your Remote Assistant works with E-commerce sites, SMBs, property management companies and accelerators, among others.

As Your Remote Assistant grew, it experienced some growing pains – particularly when it came to efficiently sending money to a growing staff of assistants in the Philippines. Alex first tried PayPal, but found the fixed fees and high commission rate too expensive (each of his hundreds of monthly transactions cost $5 to $10, totaling about $400 per month). It was also taking up to four days for payments to reach Your Remote Assistant’s employees – far too long, in Alex’s eyes.

A payment method crafted for SMBs

Looking for a solution that was a better fit for a medium-sized business performing frequent international transactions, Alex learned about Veem. Impressed by Veem’s intuitive platform, which made signing up and completing transactions easy for Alex and his employees, he decided to give it a try.

Immediately he was impressed by features including Mass Upload, which creates multiple invoices at once through a CSV upload, as well as the quick transaction time – just 24-36 hours after he sent payments, his employees saw the money in their bank accounts.

“It’s much more in-tune with how our business is set up,” Alex said of Align’s platform.

His employees particularly liked the Real-Time Tracking feature. Never before had they been able to watch their money move across the globe. With Veem they can see when their payment has been sent or received, creating a whole new level of transparency – similar to how packages are tracked. Alex also appreciated Veem’s stellar customer service, beginning when a Customer Success Specialist made the onboarding process smooth and seamless. 

But perhaps most important for SMBs operating on a budget, Your Remote Assistant is able to save up to $4,800 a year by using Veem, because there are no fees to send or receive payments. Alex can now use that money toward hiring additional resources to further grow the business.



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