Align Commerce Expands to Latin America’s Largest Economy

Veem Uses Cutting-Edge Technology to Send Money to Brazil

Align Commerce, formally changed to Veem in 2017.

Now, SMBs  who do business with Brazilian entities can send payments as quickly as overnight – all with complete transparency and step-by-step tracking. We’re so excited to be entering this vibrant, vital region.

Already, Veem has helped small businesses save money and time in their business transactions with Brazil, compared to the traditional wire services they were previously limited to. Oasis Collections, a digital marketplace for high-end short-term vacation rentals, has already begun using our new corridor for its payments to and from Brazil – and has already experienced the superior service.

As Oasis’s vice president of finance Marco Silva testified, “Align Commerce has solved one of my biggest problems, enabling us to quickly pay our homeowner partners, suppliers and contractors.”

That endorsement from Oasis Collections is just the first of many rave reviews we’re certain our new payment corridor will receive from the businesses who rely on secure, efficient money transfers all over the globe.

The 2016 Summer Olympics are just months away from drawing nearly 400,000 visitors to Brazil – 400,000 visitors who will need accommodation, services, food and goods. The time has never been better to open this payment method that can help support increased commerce with Brazil at a time when the whole world will be watching.

This expansion into Brazil is just the latest extension of Veem’s global payments network, following closely on our announcement in February that we had brought our services to China. But it is certain not to be our last exciting announcement as small businesses all over the world are discovering the Veem advantage. Stay tuned for more big news from Veem soon!


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