9 Reasons Why You Should Do Business with the Finnish

The people of Finland are known for being quiet and introverted. Upon first glance the Finnish can seem cold and unemotional. Much of this is due to their reserved nature and society, but they’re actually very confident and vibrant at their core. If you’re considering doing business in the Nordic country, the people can sometimes be the best part.

Here are some reasons why you should do business with the Finnish and how Veem’s secure and efficient payment system can help you get a leg up in Finland.

1. Good listeners

Being as quiet as they are, Finns make for good listeners. They hate interruptions, so they tend to let silences last just to be sure everyone has had their say. If you find that there’s an awkward pause after you finish a presentation or a story, it’s not an insult. Your Finnish associates are likely processing what you’ve said or waiting to make sure you’ve finished your statement.

2. Direct

The Finnish say what they mean and mean what they say

The Finnish say what they mean and mean what they say. “Perhaps” is never an option. They’re definitely the type to deliver on their word and they expect you to as well.

3. Modest

Finns see no value in embellishing something when it comes to themselves or business. The same goes for people they interact with. They don’t really appreciate someone who is overselling or exaggerating their offer. Choose your words carefully and be direct and honest about your product or deal.

But, if you find they’re telling you tall tales over a beer, this is a sign they like you and want to joke around.

4. Polite

The Finnish never interrupt anyone, they don’t judge by appearance, and they listen to what you have to say. This is one more reason to never worry about being heard when doing business with a Finn, if you make your point clear, nothing else matters.

5. Intelligent

One of the highest ranked countries in the world for education, Finland is full of smart cookies. There are more experts in technological and medical fields in Finland per capita than there are in most other countries. Also, they prefer a more technical vocabulary rather than the average sales pitch. If you’re not one for an overzealous marketing pitch you’ll enjoy a Finnish meeting.

6. Reliable

In Finland, everyone is on time for everything. Things don’t run late and time is rarely wasted

In Finland, everyone is on time for everything. Things don’t run late and time is rarely wasted. You can also count on them to get back to you quickly after sending an email or making a call. Finland has also been named one of the least corrupt countries in the world – talk about reliable.

7. Friendly

They can be very giving people. If a Finn offers you something, take it. It could be considered rude if you don’t. That includes an invitation to the sauna.

8. Love to help people

If you ever find yourself lost in the streets of Finland or business, the people are willing to help you. In fact, they will sometimes stop and ask if you need anything. This can also be great for a foreigner doing business in Finland. People, although quiet and reserved, will answer any questions you have about business practices and culture.

9. Funny

Finns enjoy sarcasm and have a very dry sense of humor. As we mentioned earlier, sometimes they will tell a story that starts out a little unreal until it becomes a ridiculous ordeal. It’s not them making fun of you. It usually means you’re on great terms with a Finn. Moreover, they never take themselves too seriously and love some self-deprecating humor now and again.

Bonus: Finns love efficiency

Now that you’ve had the pleasure of doing business with the Finns, it’s time to get down to money for goods. At this point, it may seem like all the fun is over. You’ll be filling out forms, making trips back and forth to the bank, and you won’t even be able to track your money.

When you use Veem, you eliminate fees, save currency exchange, and can track your money after you send it.

They also verify your supplier and transfer your money safely and securely.

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