4 Top Turkish Regions for Business

Understanding the prime Turkish regions for business is crucial to your success in Turkey. With this knowledge, you can prioritize where you begin on your trip, giving you an advantage over the competition.

Here are the four best Turkish regions for business.

4. Black Sea Region


This region’s oceanic climate makes it prime for commercial farming. If your business works with food, visiting the Black Sea Region is sure to be fruitful.

Samsun is the region’s largest city, and a major Black Sea port. It also has a light industry zone, which manufactures medical products, chemicals and automobile parts.

The true industry lies in Zonguldak, a hidden treasure along the northwestern coast. The city hosts the largest coal, iron and steel complexes in Turkey.

Zonguldak is connected to Ankara by rail, and Istanbul by sea. This means easy transportation and cheaper prices, all from a city that the competition doesn’t even know about.

3. Aegean Region

Aegean Region

If you’re working in the Aegean Region, you’ll want to start in Izmir. It’s the third most populous city in Turkey (after Istanbul and Ankara), and is the gateway to the Aegean Region.

Izmir is well-connected to the other regions as well. Driving to Istanbul takes 45 minutes by car, and there are also overnight ferries and buses that can take you on your journey.

If Izmir's connectedness isn't enough, the Aegean Free Zone certainly is. It's considered the “engine of economic development” in the region, and is a commercial hub for Turkey.

The location of the Free Zone, in the center of a bustling market, is key as well. Within a three-hour flight radius of Izmir, there are 1.5 billion people with incomes of $25,000 or more.

The Aegean Region’s connectedness, the Free Zone’s potential and the Turkish purchasing power in Izmir make it a prime pit stop in Turkey.

2. Central Anatolian Region

Central Anatolian

It’s the second largest region after Central Anatolia, and includes Turkey’s capital Ankara. An arid climate limits farming in Central Anatolia; however, it doesn’t stop the region from producing a third of Turkey’s wheat.

Ankara is the superstar of the region, and is sure to be a highlight of your business trip to Turkey. Located in the center of Turkey’s transportation networks, Ankara is a perfect destination for trade.

Moving supplies along these superb transportation lines to port cities like Izmir and Istanbul will make shipping faster and more cost effective.

Ankara also hosts Turkey’s largest industrial park, the OSTIM Industrial Zone, which specializes in small business trade. With 5,000 companies and 50,0000 employees covering eight main sectors, the Industrial Zone is sure to provide value to your business.

1. Marmara Region


Where Asia meets Europe, Turkey’s Marmara Region is a piece of art for historians and culture buffs alike. It’s also where Istanbul, the former Ottoman capital, is located, along with ancient cities Bursa, Edrine and Iznik.

The Marmara Region is known for its manufacturing, with an industrial belt stretching across the region. It’s the manufacturing hub of Turkey, especially the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmit triangle, which has been an economic force since ancient times.

This region would be your best bet for purchasing textiles, cement, paper, petrochemical products and processed food, among other items.

The Marmara Region is no slouch when it comes to agriculture either. Close to 73% of Turkey’s sunflower and 30% of Turkey’s corn come from this region, along with strong showings in wine and olive production as well.

Nobody knows your business better than you. It's important that you research the other regions as well. They may have the perfect products for your business, just waiting to be purchased.

Why are these four Turkish regions so successful?

The Marmara Region is no slouch when it comes to agriculture either. Close to 73% of Turkey’s sunflower and It’s because they’re all globally connected. If not by the sea, through port cities like Izmir and Istanbul, they’re connected by rail through Ankara’s main hub.

Ease of transportation is key to international business success, as it makes trading simple and convenient.

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