4 Reasons Doing Business in Thailand is Easy

So, you have your eyes set on doing business in the Asian continent. But how do you penetrate the market? What’s a good entry point? Thailand is your gateway to business in Southeast Asia. With their new drive to make a mark in ecommerce, Thailand is ripe with opportunity.

1. The people are nice

Thailand isn’t known as the Land of Smiles for nothing. Although, the nickname was given to the country by its very own inhabitants for the promotion of tourism, Thai people really do smile. The Buddhist culture discourages confrontation, which makes the people more oriented to finding a solution in a positive and polite manner. They are renowned for their exceptional hospitality, no matter the situation.

2. English is common

English has become the language of business in the 21st century. Hubs of finance and infrastructure like Bangkok have become more accessible to the West by adopting English. You’ll probably still need to hire a translator or get an app, but in some cases businesses will have their own translators.

3. Foreign business-oriented government

It’s extremely easy to get a visa for business in Thailand. Not to mention their reasonable price. The Thai government promotes any international business that contributes to the development of technology, innovation, and trade skills. Furthermore, their government has put forth legislation to increase the connectivity of the country as a whole in order to develop connections in ecommerce.

Since it’s an ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), there are no import duties in member countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. We weren’t exaggerating when we said that Thailand is a gateway to economic trade of Southeast Asia. Bangkok quite literally has roads connected to ASEAN affiliated countries.

4. The food and climate

After all, it is Thailand, the home and birthplace of Thai food. The western fast food version of Thai food will never compare to the food trucks you’ll find on the streets of Bangkok. The spices and sheer amount of cultural flavor stuffed into every dish will leave your taste buds reeling, if not looking for some milk.

The spices and sheer amount of cultural flavor stuffed into every dish will leave your taste buds reeling, if not looking for some milk.

Thailand essentially has three seasons which are hot, rainy, and cool. An ever tropical paradise, it’s no wonder tourists flock there by the millions to see Thailand’s clear, white beaches. Leave your jackets at home, a sunny paradise awaits.

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