4 Israeli Regions Your Small Business Needs to Know

Israel is a country with a unique history. After political and social developments in Europe, many Jewish people began searching for a country to call home.

Thousands immigrated to British-controlled Palestine, which saw the migration as a colonization attempt.

In an effort to stop the fighting, the UN proposed splitting Palestine into two separate states: Israel and Palestine. Although Israel accepted the deal, Palestine felt that their state was being taken over.

They declared war against Israel and lost, resulting in Israel possessing 77% of the two states — an increase from the 56% they were initially given by the UN.

Regardless of these land disputes, Israel has plenty to offer your small business. And knowing how the conflict began, and what to expect provides your business with the key to safe and successful trade in Israel.



Israel’s manufacturing capital, Haifa holds the country’s largest port, and likely be where your Israeli supplies ship from.

Haifa has received international praise for its innovation, including being named the city with the most business potential by UK magazine Monocle.

But that alone isn’t what makes Haifa such an important Israeli region for your business. The city of Haifa is known as a safe haven between Israelis and Arabs.

This little-known fact is a prime example of how your business benefits from doing the research. Many businesses may avoid Israel altogether for fear of being caught up in the protests, neglecting the potential that can be found in Israel’s prime business hub.



Found between Israel and the West Bank, Jerusalem is Israel’s self-proclaimed capital. However, Palestine also views Jerusalem as their capital, which makes things quite tense.

After decades of neutrality, the US has declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and is planning to move their embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem was named one of the world’s five top emerging tech hubs in 2015. The business potential in Jerusalem is simply too great to pass up.

Protests happen now and again in Jerusalem, but rarely affect locals and foreigners.

Avoiding crowds and land borders in Jerusalem will often mitigate the risk entirely, leaving you to focus on finding your perfect Israeli supplier.

West Bank and the Gaza Strip

West Bank

The West Bank is home to 2.6 million Palestinians, and would be the heart of any Palestinian state. There’s a separation barrier in the West Bank that separates the region from the rest of Israel.

Considering the Israeli military has controlled the West Bank since 1967, protests are a regular occurence in the region.

The Gaza Strip is a similar scenario, with pockets of the region being controlled by terrorist organizations.

Both of these locations have plenty to offer your business, with increased funding for infrastructure, manufacturing and major city projects.

Despite the untapped potential that Israel offers global businesses, it’s easy to understand why many hesitate. Security is an immensely important part of global trading, and can never be overlooked.

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