3 Top Places to Find Suppliers in Turkey

International trade has never been easier. With simple global wire transfer platforms like Veem, and national organizations focused solely on facilitating trade, your small business has every reason to buy and sell overseas.

Turkey is a great place to start. Although Turkey is primarily known for automobile and gold exports, it’s also a major player in the fashion industry.


You may be wondering why businesses are choosing Turkish suppliers over cheaper Asian alternatives?

Proximity to Europe

Turkey offers faster delivery times because it’s so close to EU member states. This means that businesses can order more goods or make changes to existing designs at the drop of a hat. For many businesses, the flexibility is worth much more than the slight price increase.

Well-Developed Supply Chain

Buyers in Turkey can find everything that they need to create the goods in-country. And with a variety of products, businesses can come to Turkey as a one-stop shop for supplies.

High Quality Products

This doesn’t mean you can’t find quality goods in Asia. The added price of Turkish goods is justified by its premium products, developed factories and reliable delivery systems.

The added price of Turkish goods is justified by its premium products, developed factories and reliable delivery systems.

It’s decided: your business is going to buy Turkish exports. Trade has never been easier, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to come knocking on your door.

Here’s 3 secrets that your business can use to fly by the competition and find the perfect supplier in Turkey.

Trade Shows and Fairsturkey-conderence

The tried-and-true method of finding suppliers, trade fairs allow you to meet many different manufacturers all under one roof.

These events are quite popular, which means that you might find yourself in an overcrowded auditorium with busy suppliers that don’t have the time to negotiate.

Make sure you schedule an appointment with potential suppliers in advance. That way, you can have guaranteed quality time to speak business terms with manufacturers.

For a list of Turkish trade shows happening in 2017, read our guide on doing business in Turkey.

Buying Agents and OfficesTurkey-warehouse

Buying agents should be the first choice for those that are new to global trade. Agents have established connections with suppliers and can easily connect you with manufacturers based on your desired products.

You can find buying agents in any country through LinkedIn. A simple search for “Turkish fashion agent” will provide you with multiple options.

What’s the catch?

Well, these services come at a cost. Agents can charge from 3% to 20% on top of the cost of your purchased products.

Plus, since you don’t communicate directly with the factory, you have to trust your agent with the business deal.

Country content

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Online Supplier Databases

Many countries, including Turkey, love foreign investment so much that they build organizations and databases just to help facilitate trade. Clearly, this is something that is worth looking into.


Turkishexport.net is one of these organizations, bringing “billion-dollar foreign buying leads with export-oriented businesses.”

A government-supported business, Turkishexport.net provides an extensive Turkish supplier database that shows product images, reviews and contact information for each manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

You visited these three locations and found the perfect Turkish supplier for your business.

But how are you going to pay them?

Veem makes global payments as simple as sending an email. With end-to-end customer support and real-time payment tracking, your hard-earned money never leaves your sight.

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