Why Nashville is great for business

Nashville is widely known for its music and health care industries. But that’s not all; it’s also known for something hard to find anywhere else: grit.

From global corporate leaders to startups and entrepreneurs, business owners are flocking to Nashville. So what does a honky-tonk town have to offer businesses?

It’s a city full of ambition, education, and go-getters. One that can’t seem to stop growing. Nashville is now home to an incredibly diverse range of business types and sizes. It has a diverse spectrum of industries, reaching beyond the music and health care pillars to touch on every industry, especially tech development and trendy restaurants.

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Plus there’s history. Hot chicken for days. Rock n’ roll and honky tonks. There’s character, energy, community, and money to be made.

Nashville’s acknowledged as one of the best places to start a business. It ranks 4th in the top US cities to start a business. That’s because of its location and population, but mostly, the verve that pulses through the city center.

The widening range of business opportunities, and the people making them happen, are helping to ensure Nashville’s spot on the list. Of course, these businesses couldn’t get very far without the talent that drives them. And Nashville is overflowing with it. From all areas of specialty, the talent isn’t waiting for businesses to take them in. They’re building their own empires from within the city.

Not just for giants – Nashville grows together

No, it’s not just about the businesses that are already thriving in Nashville; the city’s resources and community support help entrepreneurs thrive too. The flood of entrepreneurs is keeping business in Nashville innovative and exciting. Things are always changing and never boring. And with attitudes like that, it’s hard not to get involved.

Nashville’s resource bank for aspiring business owners makes it easy. The Nashville Entrepreneur Center (NEC) helps emerging business owners find the right help. The city recognizes and prioritizes its businesses’ needs. That’s a powerful testament to the potential for small businesses and startups. The available support and energy is helping businesses face the ultimate small business challenges: knowing how and where to start, and surviving.

City to country to planet

In a thriving business community like Nashville, connections are bound to be made.

Nashville is the homebase for many multi-million dollar companies, as they expand nationally and globally. Therefore, the city is the center for both internal and external connections.

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The location appeals to both domestic and international investors, due to its proximity to natural resources, talent, and experts. Not to mention, it’s a critical logistics hub. Just ask Amazon.

Build with Nashville

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