Rethink wire transfers: Bank transfers made easy and affordable

Make expensive payments a thing of the past with our simple and user-friendly service.


Eliminate the middleman

How many stops do you want in your next flight? We all love non-stops—Veem brings that non-stop simplicity to global wire transfers. Our group of payment experts has redesigned global money transfers to cut out needless stops with the banks, correspondent bank delays and fees, and time spent filling out forms so that your payments get through on time, at a better rate than you’re paying today.

Getting started is simple

Step 1: Set up your profile

With just your name, business and email, you’re on your way! Just link your bank account and move on to sending money around the world.

Step 2: How much and where?

Indicate how much and which one of the 96+ countries we serve you need to send to.

Step 3: Counterparty confirms

The first time you initiate a transfer to another party they’ll need to ``accept`` it by confirming their bank details & business info. Additional details may be required for large amounts


No forms, no hassle. If you are invoicing, we may need a little more information.

Information Required

Just provide the customer name and email address, and you're ready to enjoy our low exchange rates.

Counterparty Confirmation

Once your counterparty is set up, transfers will go straight to their bank account every time.