How To Send A Payment

Step 1: Sign in to your dashboard.

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Step 2: Click on “Send Money” in your dashboard.

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Step 3: Provide the information of the person or business whom you are sending the payment to and click on “Next”.

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Step 4: Provide the location, amount and currency of your recipient and click on “Next”.
PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to find the country of your recipient first, THEN the corresponding currency. Always use the currency in which they have invoiced you Also, make sure to indicate in this section if you are sending an exact amount OR if your receiver is accepting the exact amount.

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Step 5: Enter any additional information you may have on your payment and click on “Next”.

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Step 6: A payment summary will appear for you to review. If you are satisfied with the exchange rate and all the information is correct, click on “Send “.

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Step 7: The payment has now been initiated and click on “Finish”.

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