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Forbes > Goldman Sachs & Veem partner. Learn more

How To Register

Step 1: Go to, click on “Sign Up”.


Step 2: Choose the country where you are registering from and indicate your business email address (if any) and password, then click “Submit”. An activation email will be sent to your inbox.

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Step 3: Go to your email and click on the activation link.

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Step 4: Your email has now been confirmed and you are ready to “Sign In”.

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Step 5: You may now sign into your account.

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Step 6: The following steps will involve additional information about your business. Please enter the required fields and click “next”.

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Step 7: This “Connect your Bank” feature allows all U.S. customers to seamlessly upgrade their account to “Bank Verified” allowing access to faster payments and a more secure bank account connection. However, you may also skip this step if you wish to do so.

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Step 8: Skipping the “Connect Your Bank” feature will prompt you to manually input your bank information in the fields below and click “next”.

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Step 9: Add additional information required on the fields and click “next”.

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Step 10: Your registration is now complete and you can now begin sending or receiving payments.

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