How To Claim A Payment

Step 1: You would have gotten an email in your inbox indicating that you are being paid by a company using Veem.

2017-03-21 (28)

Step 2: Click on that email and you will see the amount and who is paying you. Click on “Claim Your Payment” to begin the claiming process.

2017-03-21 (30)

Step 3: You then will be taken to a page indicating who is paying you, the amount, exchange rate and the amount you will be receiving in your local currency. Click on “One Time Setup” to begin claiming your payment.

2017-03-21 (31)

Step 4: Tell us about your business and click on “next”.

2017-03-21 (33)

Step 5: Enter your contact information and click on “Next”.

2017-03-21 (34)

Step 6: Enter your bank information and click on “Next”.

2017-03-21 (35)

Step 7: In order to verify your account, you can provide documentation below which can be uploaded or dropped into each of the sections.

2017-03-21 (36)

Step 8: Review if the information provided is correct and click on “Claim Payment”.

2017-03-21 (38)

Step 9: Your payment has been claimed and the process of transferring money into your account has now begun and you can click on “Finish”.

2017-03-21 (39)