Preferred Foreign Exchange Rates

Veem works on your behalf to get preferred rates from the largest banks

Exchange Rates That Reward How Much You Send

Because of the advantage of our multi-rail technology, Veem can provide an exchange rate that is typically half as much as what you pay today at your bank.  That can be savings of 1-2% of every bill you send or receive should you need to exchange currencies.  On top of that, we offer discounts to your rate on your larger payments.

Transaction Size (USD equivalent) Currency Conversion Spread
0 – $4,999 1.9%
$5,000 – $9,999 1.8%
$10,000 – $24,999 1.7%
> $25K 1.5%

For customers accepting RMB in China, we offer a rate of 0.7%

For large volumes, please contact sales for more details on reduced rates.

If you don’t need to buy foreign exchange and you want to buy USD, click here.

Exchange Rates That Reward How Much You Send

Contact Sales regarding your company’s needs and we’ll find a rate that’s right for you.