Forbes > Goldman Sachs & Veem partner. Learn more
Forbes > Goldman Sachs & Veem partner. Learn more

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Veem - Simple Global Business Payments

Rethink Wire Transfers

Goodbye, bank-to-bank wire transfer fees! Every minute spent on the headache of an international bank transfer means less time for business innovation and growth. Streamline your global business transfers and save, with Veem.



Send payments around the world in a matter of minutes



More affordable than banks and money transfer services


Global Coverage

Send and request money in 95+ countries


Live Support

We walk you through the payment process in your preferred language

About Veem

Veem is a next-generation platform for business-to-business payments. With our unique multi-rail technology, Veem enables businesses to send and receive payments in local currency across a global network. Our mission is to innovate and improve the outdated payments industry by building a new user-focused financial ecosystem that services small businesses globally.

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Phone: 877-279-2629

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