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Along with empowering businesses by leveling the playing field to compete in the global market place, we aim to simplifying global business payments for our customers to ensure their own success.

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Customer Testimonials

Small and medium sized business have relied on Veem to simplify their international business payments. From payment tracking, free wire transfers, paying and getting paid in over 96 countries, and a simplified dashboard see what Veem customers have said about their experience.

Kate Forester, Emissary

Align [Veem] makes those pesky SWIFT codes look obsolete

Claudine D, Checkster

I had a wonderful experience paying a provider in Belgium, Europe. It was easy, fast and my provider really appreciated the quick payment and level of service provided

Alex Commons, Bulat Kitchen

Excellent experience! The folks at Align [Veem] are awesome! It’s expensive and a pain to do wires through my bank so I’ve been looking for a service to help make it simpler and more cost effective.

Jon Fry, Channel Growth

I like using Align [Veem] because of the speed it takes for my contractors to get paid. The money gets to them faster and safer. We’re able to save on fees too… Everyone’s happy

John Jacka, Global Surf Industries

Revolutionary. My experience with Align Commerce [Veem] could not have been better. My account manager, Jamel, has gone above and beyond to make the already simple process of getting up and running even easier.

Joey Angeles, Jordan Tourism Board, North America

There were times when my wire transfers got rejected by the receiver’s bank in Mexico for reasons that I don’t understand. Align [Veem] addressed this problem and my transactions became seamless.

Trust Pilot


I highly recommend Veem – for cost savings, reliability and excellent customer service! I am an accountant for a growing start-up company. Our business requires me to transfer funds to more than 30 countries around the world…READ MORE


I have a small import/export business in the US, doing transactions all over the world. We started using Align Commerce (Veem) in 2016, and it has helped us save a few $1000 in wire transfers. For a small business like ours, this is quite a bit of savings…READ MORE


Align (Veem) > Banks Pros: 1 day delivery for payments , which is way faster than the bank $0 wire fees = HUGE savings Cons: wish they serviced countries in Africa. READ MORE 


Align Commerce (Veem) resolves an existing issue with overseas transactions that can affect companies with delay, fees, exchange rate, etc. The product is intuitive, the company is open-minded and values user feedback….READ MORE


That’s exactly that: I would recommend this company to anyone ! Wire transfer effective within 24h. I can always trust in the reactivity and responsiveness of my account manager Nour…READ MORE


I have a very small import business who makes payments to Hong Kong just six times per year. Ever since I started working with Align Commerce (Veem), wire transferring has been a breeze…READ MORE


After 25 years with my bank, I’d expect better service than being charged $30-40 for outgoing wires. Align Commerce (Veem) is simple, fast, and saves me money. Great alternative to traditional bank wires! READ MORE


Excellent service, great communication. This was my second set of transactions. Setting up the first transaction was very well supported with online and direct customer assistance…READ MORE


I experienced very professional and helpful service from the staff at Align Commerce (Veem) which facilitated easy access to the payments sent to me. READ MORE

Case Studies

Traditional payment methods are outdated and our clients have taken notice of this. Here are some of their stories as Veem offers an alternative payment solution for businesses that’s far more efficient and less expensive.


See how Veem addressed Xpogo’s problem with multiple payment methods to his different contractors, unsure when his payments were received and expensive FX.


Cumbersome paperwork, lost transactions, and less money was received than expected. Does this sound familiar to you? See how Veem addresses these issues on Flower Essence Services’ case study.


Why is it so difficult to send a payment to Mexico? Between lost and rejected transactions, Joey Angeles of JTBNA had to be resourceful in paying his contractors. In comes Veem and his payments went in from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 days.

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