XS Supply

Customer Highlight

Tyler Berger has an eye for numbers and a talent for managing businesses. When he noticed the funds being drained from hospitals to replace excess medical supplies, he and his business partners decided to do something about it. They founded XS Supply, a company that purchases excess medical supplies for resale. The result: more money in the coffers of cash-strapped health facilities and a cleaner environment.

“One challenge was figuring out how to organise payables and receivables. Similar to vendors, hospitals have several methods for paying and different schedules they stick to. Because of this, it was extremely difficult to have a consolidated workflow.”

– Tyler Berger, CFO

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Veem is constantly striving to help small businesses deal with growing pains. With a unique multirail technology and simple dashboard, XS Supply can send their funds quickly and confidently, knowing that their money is secure.

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