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Customer highlight

As a young adult in Norway, Erik Steigen’s passion for music drove him to move to the US with his life’s savings of $1000. After two decades of working in the industry, he ventured out on his own to help artists and producers around the world receive the financial management they needed.

“The main thing is that there are no fees. My job is to manage my clients’ finances so being able to save them money is great. Not having to go into a bank branch and send a wire or go through the online process with the bank is also great. Overall it’s just a much better choice.”

– Erik Steigen, President & CEO

Taking small businesses to the next stage

Veem allows small businesses to dream beyond borders with our international payment system. Erik has earned money for customers from around the world for over ten years.Thanks, in part, to Veem, he’ll be helping them for many more years to come.

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