Hopeless Records

Customer Highlight

In 1993, Louis Posen was working out of his garage in L.A., directing music videos for independent punk bands. By 1995, he started one of the most well-known independent record labels in the world, basically on a dare.

“When I was first considering Veem, we had a meeting with our bank people. They told us they wanted to start charging for outgoing wire transfers and ACHs. They never charged before. That didn’t make sense. It was great timing.”

—Al Person, CFO of Hopeless Records

The sound of money

Partnering with Veem has allowed Louis, Al, and the team at Hopeless Records to spread their wings and take on new ventures. Songs That Saved My Life and Sub City are just some of the results of faster, cost effective transfers. Check out their story to learn more, and see how your business can benefit from seamless global payments.

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