Early Growth Financial Services

Customer Highlight

David Ehrenberg, now CEO of EGFS, was working as a financial executive for different companies when he realized that startups could benefit from getting financial assistance without hiring full-time. He decided to start helping small businesses understand their fundraising performance and develop strong finance and accounting infrastructure to contribute to their success.

“Veem works seamlessly. They have dedicated and unparalleled customer service that makes Veem look good, and makes us look good by extension. Our customers are on the cutting edge of technology, and so we have to be too. The user experience is very important to us and we always opt for the program that’s going to give us the best capability. That’s how we initially came to Veem.”

— Tina Gentile, CFO at Early Growth Financial Solutions

Rolling with the times

“We strive to continue to innovate ourselves so we can provide better and more valuable support to the clients that we work with.” And that’s exactly how they came to use Veem.

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