Finding a better alternative to Checks, Western Union, and PayPal


When Josh Phan-Gruber, the Finance Manager of Xpogo (xpogo.com), needed a way to pay their international athletes in a more efficient manner, he did a quick Google search for companies that would allow him to do this. As the governing body responsible for managing the sport of Xpogo, he was paying their athletes from all over the world using various methods, which proved to be, inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming.

“I got pretty excited when I saw what Veem offered”

—Josh Phan-Gruber, Finance Manager

Results achieved using Veem

Veem eliminates inefficiencies of global payment processes and the problems they cause small businesses. Without the inefficiencies and worry they bring to small businesses, owners can focus on growth and innovation. Time spent trying to diagnose and remedy failed global payments is time wasted that could be spent building your business. Efforts like this hurt productivity and other aspects of your business. By removing the middlemen and owning the global payment process from end to end, we free small businesses to focus on growing their business.

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