Catching Clouds

Customer Highlight

Veem Partner Catching Clouds

Patti and Scott Scharf jumped on the cloud before anyone had the chance. Since starting Catching Clouds back in 2010, they’ve become the industry leaders and experts in ecommerce accounting, helping businesses thrive online.

“We actually had a client save $5,000 in wire fees last year by using Veem. They know if their vendors have been paid, and then we know how to affect the accounting. In our high speed and international world, it really makes a huge difference.”

—Scott Scharf, Co-Founder

Everybody Wins with Veem

At Veem, technology is at the heart of our operations. We’re constantly learning so we can create the best possible platform for our small business partners. With such a strong foothold in the ecommerce world, Patti and Scott need to work with people who know what they’re doing, what Catching Clouds needs to succeed, and how best to help their small business clients continue to grow.

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