Customer Highlight

From a young age, Enrico Palmerino knew what he wanted to be; a CEO. After nearly losing his first company through flawed accounting practices, he created botkeeper, the world’s automated bookkeeper, to solve the problem that nearly derailed his entrepreneurship dreams.

“We realized it wasn’t scalable to do foreign currency conversions and wire transfers from every single bank our clients used. It’s an extremely inefficient model. Banks have different levels of security: some require approval, others don’t. Looking at the controls, processes and flexibility with some banks, handling our clients’ money this way isn’t great protocol.”

—Enrico Palmerino, CEO of botkeeper

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With its one of a kind multirail technology, Veem is capable of keeping up with any business’ payment needs. With zero wire fees, reasonable conversion rates and remarkable customer service, Veem is helping businesses like botkeeper to continue to make groundbreaking achievements free of distractions.

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