Customer Highlight

Nick Pasquarosa founded Bookkeeper360 and teamed with Xero in 2012. He realized a gradual need for cloud accounting software. With his love for technology, numbers, and helping SMBs, Nick became an innovative leader of cloud based accounting. Bookkeeper360’s partnerships with some of the most efficient financial software continue to help businesses grow.

“It’s not enough to do a good job and let our clients outgrow us. We want to stay with them and help them continue to grow, whatever their strategies are. To do that, we need an all encompassing product to help them. That’s what brought us to Veem.”

– Nick Pasquarosa, Founder & CEO of Bookkeeper360

This is modern business

In the future, Bookkeeper360 will continue expanding their client base and digging deeper into client relationships, using technology to provide the best services for new and established clients. “We have a lot of clients with Veem. That partnership is growing and growing.”

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