Color More Lines, Formerly Full Steam Ahead Commerce
Case Study

After quitting her job as a nuclear field engineer because of a bad boss, Jessica Steele decided to make some extra money on the side selling old textbooks on Amazon. Years later, Jessica owns and operates Full Steam Ahead Commerce to help other hopefuls start their own successful businesses on Amazon.

Poor Payment Processors


Wire Fees

Lost Thousands of Dollars Per Year

FX Rates

Paypal Wasn’t Competitive
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Lost Time

Payments Took Weeks to Arrive

After gaining some traction and recognition in the Amazon community, Jessica’s company began to draw tons of global interest. Clients were reaching out from Europe, and Full Steam began employing team members there, the Philippines, as well as in the US. But, with all this help came global payments, wire fees, and bad FX rates that were just unacceptable.

“With Veem, there’s no money lost in FX or wire fees, which is amazing for us. We’d often watch thousands of dollars in wire fees go out the window before Veem. That’s money we could’ve reinvested in Full Steam, and in ourselves. I mean, who doesn’t like to fly first class once in a while?”

Jessica Steele, Founder, Full Steam Ahead Commerce

Enabling the International with Veem



Confidence in Paying and Being Paid, Every time
Exact Money Received


Saved $4,000 in One Year
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Receive and Request with Just an Email

Full Steam Ahead with Veem

With a reliable, cost effective way to send and receive money globally, Jessica can now confidently outsource her operations. Receiving and requesting funds has been so simple, that Jessica has begun sending international payments with Veem as well. As Amazon, let alone the internet largely, continues to evolve, Full Steam is growing right along with it, without the nagging fear of lagging payments holding them back.

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