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Case Study
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Richard Castle and Adam Harris found that small hospitality operations around the world struggled to find the clientele and gain the exposure of larger operations and chains. So, they started Cloudbeds: an easy-to-use hospitality management platform.

Traditional Wires are too Complicated

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One-Way Process

Receiving Wires is as Bad as Sending

Black_High Fees


$90 Per Wire in Some Locales


Time Consuming

Process Requires too Much Effort

Cloudbeds sends and receives a lot of international wires. But,the finance team was slowly watching money dribble out of Cloudbeds’ bottom line from the accumulating fees. When Kiel Smith joined the team as their Director of Finance, he started looking for a cost-efficient and time-saving way for Cloudbeds to pay and get paid.

“My clients are ecstatic, and I couldn’t be happier. It saves everyone money, and their suppliers appreciate actually being paid on time. They just Veem it.”

Kiel Smith, CPA, Director of Finance at Cloudbeds

Proper Payments for Global Business

Pay in a Day

Money Savings



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Great FX Rates

“I had been doing some research on some different platforms, when I got a random email talking about this Veem thing So, I checked it out, and it checked out. I liked it better than the other platforms I’d seen. The FX rates were great for employees and clients, but the main draw was the amount saves without using bank wires. The ability to track your payments and double-check to make sure everyone’s paid in a timely manner is a must for us as well. Veem provides that as standard. We love it.”

Sleeping Soundly with Veem

Since choosing Veem for all their incoming and outgoing international payments, Cloudbeds saves more than $26,000 a year in wire fees. On top of that, Kiel and his team enjoy the transparency of end-to-end tracking, and prompt customer support. Companies like Cloudbeds are the reason we do what we do here at Veem. By easing the global payments process, businesses like Andrew and Richard’s can continue the wonderful work they do. That’s our goal, our mission, and our passion.

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