Jordan Tourism Board North America
Case Study

Joey Angeles has been in charge of Finance and Accounting at the Jordan Tourism Board, North America (JTBNA) ( for over a decade. As an annex of the Embassy of Jordan in Washington, DC, JTBNA is responsible for promoting Jordan as a tourist destination in the US, Canada, and Mexico through marketing activities like trade, consumer and media events.

Challenges of payments to Mexico using banks


Rejected wire transfer for no reason


Took 2-3 weeks to receive funds

Recent events caused both the US and Mexico to further enact restrictions on the flow of money between the two countries. More often than not, banks would reject JTBNA’s wire transfers for no reason whatsoever. Faced with the need to pay his contractors, trade show suppliers, and tour operator partners on time, JTBNA had to be resourceful and look for other means (such as checks) to make payments. However, this proved to be costly and inefficient and the funds took some time to arrive.

“There were times when my wire transfers got rejected by the receiver’s bank in Mexico for reasons that I don’t understand. Veem addressed this problem and my transactions became seamless.”


Veem provides a better alternative

Seamless experience

Seamless Experience

Funds received timely

Funds received in 1-2 days

Exceptional Service

Exceptional service

Upon hearing about JTBNA’s problem and being told that this was not unique to JTBNA, Veem immediately looked into opening the Mexican corridor. Within a week or so, JTBNA began doing test transactions, “my counter-parties went from receiving their money in 2-3 weeks to receiving it in 1-2 days.” Furthermore, he appreciates the simplicity of the platform, payment tracking and the receptiveness of customer service as strong points of Veem.

Results achieved using Veem

Veem eliminates inefficiencies of global payment processes and the problems they are causing for small businesses. Without those inefficiencies and the worry that they bring to small business owners can focus on growth and innovation. Time spent trying to diagnose and remedy failed global payments or a failure in any other process is time wasted, time that could be spent building your business. Efforts like this hurt productivity and other aspects of your business. By removing the middlemen and owning the global payment process from end to end, we free small business up to focus on driving their business into the future.

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