Phillippine meeting

The Philippines is home to the world’s third largest English speaking population. Filipino and English are the country’s two official languages, and both are written in Latin script to appeal better to English speakers. For many US small businesses, this makes the Philippines a prime export destination.   Though the spoken language barrier is small, the Philippines is still particular in its customs. Nonverbal communication deepens the...

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Pilippines flag in the sky

To expand into international markets can be challenging, especially when trading overseas. Unknown tariffs, regulations, and financial hiccups are the risks small businesses take when looking to find suppliers abroad.   But it doesn’t have to be so scary. The Philippines is known to be a favored destination for US small businesses because of the favorable exchange rate and vast resources.   Though still widely considered a developing...

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While the United States and the Philippines have had a lucrative trade relationship for over one hundred years, trade between the two countries has radically expanded over the past decade. But it can still be very difficult to send money to the Philippines.   Veem is here to help small businesses get over the obstacles, headaches and endless fees they incur when sending global business payments. Here...

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