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Hungary has a lot to offer US small businesses looking to import supplies from overseas. Known for its well-educated and skilled workforce, high quality products, favorable prices, and strategic location, Hungary is an excellent choice for US small businesses.   [qodef_blockquote text="With the value of the Hungarian currency (HUF) steadily behind the USD, your dollars will buy more in Hungary than at home." title_tag="h5" width="80"]   With the value...

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Budapest has many things to offer small and medium-sized businesses. Great infrastructure, an extensive public transport network, and many government incentives are just a few examples of why many businesses, including startups, choose Budapest for their headquarters.   Globally-known companies like Prezi were founded in Budapest as startups and quickly rose to international fame. But what are the factors that make Budapest one of the best locations...

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Over the past few decades, Hungary has become one of the favorite Central European destinations for outsourcing. Many small businesses from around the world have chosen to outsource various non-essential tasks to Hungary, and with good reason. Is outsourcing to Hungary the way to go for your small business? To help you decide, we’ve compiled the top six reasons why other companies do it.     1. Many...

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