Denmark meeting room

For any small business, sourcing products from overseas is a great way to cut costs, gain access to a whole new range of goods and suppliers, and get an edge over the competition.   If you’re looking for potential business partners, Denmark has a lot to offer. Easy access to the EU market, stable political and economic conditions, and excellent quality supplies are just a few reasons...

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Denmark flag

Denmark is located in northern Europe. The country consists of the Jutland peninsula (north of Germany), and more than 400 islands, including Zealand, Funen, and the North Jutlandic Island.   Once the seat of mighty Viking warriors, Denmark is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. It’s a member of many international organizations, including NATO, the European Union, and OECD. Denmark is considered to be...

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Danish business culture is somewhat similar to what you’re used to in the US. If you’re about to meet your prospective Danish business partners for the first time, you don’t need to worry about strict rules for business communication or an entirely unfamiliar business culture. Danes are quite easy-going and flexible, and although Danish business culture tends to be a bit more formal than what...

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