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Forbes > Goldman Sachs & Veem partner. Learn more
Catching Clouds
Case Study

Patti and Scott Scharf jumped on the cloud before anyone had the chance. Since starting Catching Clouds back in 2010, they’ve become the industry leaders and experts in ecommerce accounting, helping businesses thrive online.

Bank Wires Are Too Slow

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Funds Take Too Long

Clients Waited Weeks
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No Attached Invoice

Hard to Reconcile

Costs Clients

Wire Fees, Bad FX

Bank wires simply weren’t good enough for Patti and Scott’s clients. They needed something that would make it easy for them to affect their clients’ accounting, while saving them money, time, and headaches.

“We actually had a client save $5,000 in wire fees last year by using Veem. They know if their vendors have been paid, and then we know how to affect the accounting. In our high speed and international world, it really makes a huge difference.”

Scott Scharf, Co-Founder

Accounting and Payments Combine with Veem


Accurate Payment Tracking


Easy Reconciliation & Accounting Integration

Exact Money Received

Saved Clients $5,000

Patti and Scott are experts in the ecommerce space. Speed, reliability, and cost-effective payments are a must. Catching Clouds and their clients can’t afford to wait for outdated technology to struggle to send a payment. There had to be a better way..

Everybody Wins with Veem

At Veem, technology is at the heart of our operations. We’re constantly learning so we can create the best possible platform for our small business partners. With such a strong foothold in the ecommerce world, Patti and Scott need to work with people who know what they’re doing, what Catching Clouds needs to succeed, and how best to help their small business clients continue to grow.

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