Soul of Nomad
Case Study
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Nazym Paltachev created his industry redefining denim brand, Soul of Nomad in 2015. Since then he’s continued to meet the demands of the modern self-made man and woman with a nomadic spirit.

Bank Wires Aren’t Good Enough


Payments are Slow

At Least 1-2 Week Wait 


Impossible to Track

Unreliable at Best



Funds Could be put Elsewhere

Using banks wasn’t sufficient for Nazym’s business. He wanted to be able to control his payments, not worry about losing them, and not wasting money that was needed elsewhere.

“The best parts about using Veem are saving money and payments getting into my suppliers accounts faster. On one wire transfer I can save €600, I can use that to hire a videographer in Milan.”

-Nazym Paltachev, Owner

Veem Provides a Better Way 

Pay in a Day

Always Quick Payments


Trusted Tracking, Peace of Mind


Save $750 Per Transfer

The services the banks offered weren’t fast or reliable enough for Nazym. For him, payments are about building trust. He knows the struggles of late payments

Revolutionizing Your Business with Veem

Veem helps small businesses to make international opportunities possible. By letting Veem worry about your payments, you can focus on what matters: developing your business. Nazym and Soul of Nomad’s success is a testament to the power of small business to persevere through hardship. Nazym had a dream, and Veem helped him make it a reality.

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