Veem Opens Global Payments Platform to Canadian Market.
Veem Opens Global Payments Platform to Canada

Save Time And Money When Send Or Receiving Payments Globally 

Let one of our payment specialists show you how easy it is to use Veem

Veem Launches API to Revolutionize Global Payments

Rethink Global Payments

Just like our partners at BlueVine, we help businesses where banks have let them down. Banks have high transfer fees, poor FX rates, and an inability to track payments. We make global payments simple, transparent and affordable, the way money should be. Connect with your vendors through Veem’s verified network for seamless and secure payments, and never step foot in a bank again.


Save Time

Pay and get paid in just one click


Cut Costs

Preferred FX rates and no hidden costs


Track Payments

Monitor payments and keep track on our dashboard


Live Support

Full customer support on every payment from start to finish

Do business better with Veem

Banks don’t value small businesses like we do.

We understand that every day and dollar matters. When a payment needs to get there, Veem provides support around the clock and around the world.

Veem protects your money as if it were our own. Think of it as an extra pair of eyes.


– $0 Sender or Receiver Fees*

– $0 Hidden Costs

– Preferred FX Rates


*$20 fee only if receiver in foreign country opts to receive funds in USD.


Make the most of your money


Veem helps businesses move money around the globe quickly and securely. Wherever your money needs to go, we’ll help make sure it gets there.

et one of our payment specialists show you how easy it is to use Veem

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