Veem Opens Global Payments Platform to Canadian Market.
Veem Opens Global Payments Platform to Canada

Amazon: Small Business Friend or Foe?

Is there a company out there that’s dominating the retail industry more than Amazon?


It’s been a headline magnet all year, announcing a growing partnership with Whole Foods, as well as an array of massive warehouse expansions at here in the US, and abroad.


We don’t have to explain why Amazon is the deity of Generation Z and many others, but it may take some convincing to believe that they can help small businesses.


Here are the Numbers

In their — seemingly — infinite wisdom, Amazon realized they’d be villainized for taking mom-and-pop shops out of the races with their ecommerce prowess.


So they created the Small Business Impact Report, to show people can see just how they’re affecting small businesses.


The numbers are clear: millions of US small businesses sell products on Amazon’s virtual shelves to be enjoyed around the world. In 2017, more than 20,000 of them earned over $1M in sales through Amazon.


If this is true, why blame Amazon for the woes of retail and small businesses worldwide?


Well, there’s a few reasons.


Use it or Lose it

Technology can be a small business owner’s best friend. After all, it’s what gave life to the small business surge that we’re seeing today.


It breaks barriers that, previously, could only be swayed with capital or connections, and allows anyone and everyone to pitch their product to the world without any real effort.


Here’s the problem: technology can help small business owners.


Just like being a mathematical genius can help your career, but only if you’re in a related field.

amazon drone

Small business owners lose when they fail to adapt.


Amazon’s success can be traced back to innovation and diversification. They used a new technological platform — the internet — to become the “everything” store for global consumers.


The company used widely available technology to develop the business that many admire today.


Small business owners need to embrace technology as Amazon and countless other industry giants have.


Flexibility is what gives small businesses an edge over the larger corporations that can’t change as quickly.


Global Highway

Small business leaders are known for doing everything themselves.


Marketing, sales, and customer support all day, with a sprinkle of business development and accounting to end the night.


This stems from the mom-and-pop shops of the past, which survived, and even thrived, with this strategy.


But the world is much bigger than it was back then. Nowadays, it’s far more likely that the businesswoman selling handmade purses in Sacramento has customers in Shanghai as well.


Because of this, the old way should stay where it belongs: in the past.


The future of shipping, and business in general, lies in what Amazon provides to consumers and small business owners worldwide.


Simple and speedy purchasing from anywhere in the world at any given time.


Amazon is the largest marketplace on the planet, the third most-visited website with over 250 million monthly visitors — including you and me.


And their distribution network should be the Eighth Wonder of the World.


Luckily, small businesses can use this to their advantage.


Fulfilment by Amazon allows small businesses to join their network. Essentially, small businesses can “pre-ship” their products to Amazon centers, and they ‘ll take care of the rest, including shipping, distribution, and even customer service.


Life is Hard

Small business owners need to stop viewing Amazon as a villain, and start seeing them as a hero — or at least a sidekick.


There’s no reason why they can’t profit in harmony, delivering excellent products and service to the world.


Nothing is simple in life, especially when you’re a small business owner, but failing to capitalize on technology and other resources makes it that much harder.


Another way that small business owners can improve their profits is by using Veem.

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Or anyone really.


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