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Blockchain—Simple, Affordable Global Payments for Small Business

How blockchain technology reinvented the wire transfer industry and gave small businesses a leg-up on global payments.

Learn more about what Blockchain is and how it can save you time and money on global payments.

Blockchain—Simple, Affordable Global Payments for Small Business

Since ETF (electronics funds transfer) arrived in the 1970s, the fundamental structure of money movement and the corresponding communication around it has remained the same—hugely inefficient for large volumes of small transactions. In other words, hugely inefficient for small businesses—until now.

Download Blockchain—Simple, Affordable Global Payments for Small Business and discover:

  1. How wire transfers began and where they are today.
  2. The issues facing small businesses when it comes to making global payments—confusing pricing, service inconsistency, and a lot of fees to name a few.
  3. Why your bank doesn’t want to modernize its payments infrastructure system (hint: SMEs aren’t big enough customers to care).
  4. How using technologies like blockchain for global payments is simpler and more affordable.


About Veem

Veem is a next-generation platform for business-to-business payments. With our unique multi-rail technology, Veem enables businesses to send and receive payments in local currency across a global network. Our mission is to innovate and improve the outdated payments industry by building a new user-focused financial ecosystem that services small businesses globally.


Enter receiver’s email address, amount and country. Then send.


Multi-rail technology calculates the optimal way to send across several options.


No bank fees to the sender – with clear, transparent rates for the receiver.

Transactions Are Secure and Insured

Veem is licensed in all the markets we serve. At Veem, your security is our priority. We use the most sophisticated, industry-leading technology security protocols available on the market. All information stored, shared or uploaded on the platform is encrypted with the most advanced tools available.


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