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shopify logo

Shopify is a leading multi channel commerce platform. We’re inviting merchants to add Veem as a payment option at checkout for their wholesale store.

Through a simple integration which can be setup in about an hour, a Veem payment request is automatically triggered when the customer selects Veem as their desired payment method at checkout. This is a great alternative to more costly payment methods.


harvest logo

Harvest is a time tracking and invoicing tool. Generate international and domestic payment requests with Veem through Harvest.

Contractors can track their time across numerous projects within Harvest. When ready to bill their client, this integration enables the contractor to automatically have a Veem payment request (based on the details contained in their Harvest invoice) sent to their client.



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Veem Invoice Capture helps businesses check all the boxes when it comes to paying vendors. No manual data entry means fewer mistakes, which leads to error-free invoicing. This type of business automation is beneficial to both vendors and your business.

Submit vendor invoice files to Veem. The payment information is automatically extracted from the invoice file and used to create a drafted payment to your Vendor in your Veem account. When complete, you can then verify and approve the payment details before sending the payment(s).



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