Case Study

Elyse Petersen founded Tealet in 2012 to combat the ethical violations of the tea industry. Her business sources speciality tea from around the world, tracing it from farm to cup to ensure its quality and promote small farmers everywhere.

Bank Wire Busts



10-12% of Payments Taken



Take up to 10 days

Cumbersome Paperwork

Too Much Paperwork

Manual Reconciliation and Forms

Though PayPal helped a bit, Elyse was stuck using bank wires for some of her biggest suppliers. Bank wires and other payments gouged her with fees, slowed her operations with unnecessary paperwork, and didn’t even get the payments there on time. Slow, expensive, and time consuming.

“The farmers are super happy with it, and so am I. These people know what it’s like to lose money. So, when I tell them that they’ll receive 100% of it with Veem, they’re ecstatic.”

Elyse Petersen, Founder & CEO

Say goodbye to bank wires with Veem


Great FX, No Fees

Pay in a Day

Arrival Time Halved


In a Click

For Elyse, trust is a must. Tealet works with 52 farmers from 13 countries, and they’re growing. Her suppliers need assurance that they’ll be paid on time and in full. Elyse needs a payments processor that can guarantee safe, easy, and reliable payments.

A Better Way With Veem

At Veem, we believe in the power of small business. When you aren’t worried about payments, there’s no telling what you can accomplish. With a network of over 700 qualified wholesale tea buyers, Elyse doesn’t have time to worry about money. She’s making change, and helping people around the world. She’s connecting farmer to consumer, one cup at a time.

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