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American businesses, cost of tariffs

Aug 8, 2019 - As the year-long trade dispute between the US and China continues to escalate, American businesses and consumers are left paying the price for the mounting tariffs. In June, American companies paid $6 billion in tariffs, one of the highest tariffed months in US history and a 74% increase from what was paid a year earlier. […]

US-China trade dispute, tariffs

Jul 7, 2019 - Thinking things have been relatively quiet on the US-China trade dispute front? We can change that for you. While the two countries have resumed trade talks, there are indications that a deal isn’t close to happening soon. On July 16, President Donald Trump said that he hasn’t ruled out imposing additional duties on Chinese imports, […]

businesses, consumers pay costs of tariffs

Jun 6, 2019 - Where one tariff threat subsides, another pops up in its place. Almost immediately after announcing the suspension of proposed tariffs on Mexican goods, President Donald Trump leveled a new tariff threat against China. The President said he would impose 25% tariffs on another $300 billion worth of Chinese imports if President Xi Jinping doesn’t meet […]

Mexico tariffs suspended, President Trump

Jun 6, 2019 - American businesses, industry groups, and consumers are breathing a sigh of relief after President Donald Trump announced the proposed tariffs against Mexico are “indefinitely suspended.” Well, for now, at least. President Trump had threatened to impose 5% tariffs on all Mexican imports effective June 10 as a way to force the country to stop migrants […]

May 5, 2019 - Another month, another round of tariffs. President Trump recently tweeted that these tariffs have been good for the US economy. So, there may be more to come. In the tweet, President Trump mentioned the addition of another 10%-25% tariff on China, adding another $325B to the already existing tariff load. The President also made a […]

May 5, 2018 - Since early March 2018, it’s almost all we’ve heard from the White House. China, $60 billion in tariffs, and an impending trade war are attracting comments and opinions from Chinese officials, and even a spokesperson for MillerCoors beer company. Most recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook has come out in opposition to the tariffs, telling Bloomberg […]

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Jan 1, 2020 - Business always relies on some sort of exchange. We exchange money for goods and services, and out of these exchanges, we often build relationships. Buyers and sellers. We rely on one another. One business’ operations are foundational to those of another. And then there’s international business. A whole different playing field. The exchange between businesses […]

Dec 12, 2019 - Protect your business with these risk management tips and tricks We’ve all seen Risky Business. Great, funny movie, Tom Cruise dancing, and teen angst. What could be better? But, while risk and reward looks great on screen, the reality is that, while it isn’t the worst thing in the world, risk does increase the likelihood […]

Oct 10, 2019 - When sending cross-border B2B payments, you’re at the mercy of exchange rates and processing fees, not to mention the preferences and requirements of your receiver. Among the many ways to send money to China, you have to consider what works best for all parties, especially since China has so many different regions, banks, and his […]