2020 State of Small Business: Q3 Edition

Pre-Holiday Snapshot

This quarter, business owners have found themselves completely reimagining how they do business. Themes explored in this report include the strategic changes small businesses have made or are making, as it applies to supply chain operations and partnerships.

This report marks the second edition of Veem’s State of Small Business report, which Veem releases on a quarterly basis. The first edition, released in May, covered small business sentiment in Q2, as well as themes such as supply chain disruption, economic confidence and business innovations.

About Veem

Veem is a next-generation platform for business-to-business payments. With our unique multi-rail technology, Veem enables businesses to send and receive payments in local currencies across a global network. Our mission is to innovate and improve the outdated payments industry by building a new user-focused financial ecosystem that services small businesses globally.